Katalan Group

A complete and worry-free service

For all your domestic and international freight needs, Katalan Group offers full service. We worry about shipments so you can focus on your core business operations.

We provide you with tailored responses to each and every request for domestic or international freight services, and we offer you a complete service along the entire merchandise-shipment chain, from feasibility analyses to load-plan streamlining, from packaging to all-risk insurance coverage for your merchandise, from 100% management of customs procedures, to maximum support with letters of credits.

Full container loads – domestic and international (FCL-FTL-RO/RO)

We offer lorry transport for domestic and international full container loads.

Our contractors’ experience and focus on quality allow us to guarantee excellent service, and a strong percentage of on-time deliveries.

Waste/EWC transport

Katalan Group acts as a transport broker for all EWC (European Waste Catalogue) merchandise, using vetted cargo contractors certified under European and Italian regulations.

Unusual freight

We manage your unusual freight, taking charge of transporting oversize and overweight loads. We offer cargo transport (some requiring transfer stops) for loads up to 150 tonnes, and for any destination in the world.

International transport, Groupage/shipments, Groupage

Our groupage-shipment service is ideal for international freight requiring merchandise from several senders to be grouped and sent to multiple recipients in a certain geographic area or country (International Groupage).

Our experience, and our team’s know-how, allow us to provide a high-quality groupage service.

Express shipments

Time and speed are the key factors for any express shipment.

We manage our clients’ express shipments by tailoring them to their specific needs: for any type of service, large or small, we offer customised solutions with pick-up within an hour from the request for an estimate, using dedicated vehicles, and with delivery in Italy and throughout Europe.

Ground transport of hazardous materials – ADR

We transport hazardous material for all hazard classifications (with the exception of classes 1 and 7), vetting merchandise conformity and that of all documentation given to use, ensuring that all phases comply with applicable ADR regulations.