Customs Operations

We have decades of consolidated experience in the field of customs services. We offer competitive and rapid-response timing on customs procedures for import/export throughout the world.

We know that this is a complex field. Therefore, we are at the company’s side throughout the entire customs-procedure cycle. We offer our support – free of charge – for planning future operations.

Thanks to our experts in customs law and protocol, we can provide assistance and support for every customs-related need, including for purposes of streamlining such processes following the update of the new European Community customs code (EC Reg. 405/2008)

Our customs-support service

  • Information on various aspects of transport and domestic/international commerce
  • Permanent and temporary imports/exports
  • Introduction of foreign materials held in a customs warehouse
  • Triangulated customs operations
  • EU-transit operations with issuance of T1 customs entry
  • Re-import to unload temporary exports
  • Duty-free re-introduction on returned merchandise
  • Filling out and electronic submission of Intrastat listings

Why trust Katalan Group with your customs operations?

Because you’ll have our support services available to you throughout the customs procedures, in order to have solutions that meet your every need.
Because our in-house team, as well as our partners, are highly skilled customs-operations professionals.
Because we are able to offer you solutions that allow you to rein in customs-related expenses.

Our team of professionals will track your customs operations from start to finish, starting with interactions with customs officials, all the way through various customs requirements, to the value of merchandise in customs, their classification, and any merchandise-origin issues.
We are with our clients every step of the way in managing customs declarations (DAU, permanent import/export) for:

  • identifying the proper customs regime to be applied for each particularised need;
  • correctly applying Incoterms (international commercial terms) for import/export-related transactions;
  • carrying out simplified (incomplete declaration, domicile, and simplified) procedures.

What is a customs check-up?

Thanks to our customs check-up we can analyse – in detail – your export and/or import procedure in order to find critical issues within the company to allow your company to reach optimal customs performance. The goal is to find solutions that allow your company to reduce costs and to accelerate the time needed to get merchandise into the market.

Customs Check-Up Activities:

  • Verifying import/export procedures and their compliance with applicable customs and tax regulations;
  • Verifying all procedures relating to intra-European sales and purchases of goods, and compliance with all applicable customs and tax regulations;
  • Strategic planning for import/export customs procedures to streamline and accelerate them;
  • Reduction of import/export expenses;
  • Analysis of merchandise classification and attribution-of-origin procedures;
  • Verification of the possibility of accessing tools contemplated by the European Customs Code, which lead to saving time and money on customs operations.